We are proud to announce that the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation highlighted WorkAmerica in its report "Talent Pipeline Management: A New Approach to Closing the Skills Gap."

Uniting Education and Employment for America's Job Seekers

Job Seeker

Have a job waiting before graduating.

Starting a new career is exciting, but it can be confusing. Our Job Commitment programs simplify the process by securing you a local job in your desired field, before you invest the time and money in attending school. We also let you know the exact classes you need to take, and connect you with financing when available. Available Jobs>>


Increase student outreach and placement rates

Attract more students to your school by providing them the assurance of gainful employment after graduation. We work with a wide range of local and national employers to find your students jobs before they start school. We also send you our clients' external recruits in need of training.


Build a dedicated pipeline of qualified employees

We translate your hiring needs into workforce education programs at local educational institutions, and then recruit and screen high quality students who commit to come work for you after graduation. These WorkAmerica Job Commitment programs help you build up a dedicated workforce, trained specifically for your needs, right where you are looking to hire.